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EnglishLads.com Photo Shoot – Cameron Donald, Wesley Seaton – Muscular Straight Lad Wesley gets his 1st Man Wank & Returns the Favour!

Wesley wasn’t sure about doing anything but a solo shoot, but he warmed to the idea and today you see what he got up to as he ended up not being as cautious as you’d think! Wesley starts off being stripped down to his boxers and then relaxing on the bed his body is massaged real well with a strong sports massage by Cameron! Before you know it Cameron has Wesley naked massages his body doing a great job at showing off his hole, surrounded by that light blond fuzz! Cameron is soon wanking Wesley’s very stiff uncut cock and feeling without a job he grabs Cameron’s uncut cock and returns the favour! Lots of wanking later and Wesley is unloading his cum, while holding his comforter! Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Photo Shoot – Tyler Hirst, Logan Hardy – Former Royal Marine Hunky Tyler Fucks Straight Pup Logan who Shoots Every Where!

Since Logan did such a great job at getting fucked last time we paired him up with former Royal Marine Tyler to experience how commandos do things! They are straight at it, Logan goes in for a kiss and the passion is obvious and what else do you do following a kiss; suck cock of course and Logan is on his knees, pulling down Tyler boxers and practicing his cock sucking technique and judging how hard he gets Tyler, his cock sucking is pretty dam good! Tyler returns the favour before bending Logan over in doggie and teaching him how marines lube ass; with a dildo pumped at speed! Tyler pulls that out and slides in his own uncut rocket cock; Logan seeming to enjoy rock hard marine up his hole and can’t get enough of it riding eagerly, before dumping an impressive load, with many a big squirt flying! Tyler pulls out and seconds later is unloading on his leg! Well done lads! Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Video Shoot – James Adams – Straight Athlete James Shows off his Muscles & Massive Uncut Cock!

James is a young man who played loads of rugby in his teens and injured his leg, so turned his hand to helping others and became a personal trainer. The result is this young man is a bundle of muscles with great definition and with an outgoing and confident personality can you ask for much more! Well in James’ case you get more, he is not only athletic and flirty, but he is hung with this massive uncut cock that hangs down nearly 6 inches when soft and wait to he gets his uncut cock erect, he has a beauty, both long and thick his cock rises to over 8 inches and is quite a handful. This tall and blond lad does a great job at showing off his muscles and when he lies back and pumps his cock he dumps a nice big load all over his abs. Welcome James, we like straight lads with big uncut cocks! Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Photo Shoot – Jason Denby – Straight Young Footballer Jason Shows off His Toned Body & Rock Hard Uncut Big Cock!

Jason is a young straight man who teaches football and with one of those typical footballer bodies, he looks great as his kit comes off. He is tall and lean with good definition and strong footie player legs. As his clothes come off he becomes more cheeky and once naked he definitely has a naughty side, he loves playing with his cock and showing it off on camera, in fact his cock gets so hard and he is so turned on he has to stop wanking all the time to prevent an early ending! His uncut cock gets very hard and stands up high looking like a rocket ready to fire. He is happy to show off his hole, lots of shots of a slightly hairy hole that he shows in some great positions. After teasing himself for a while he lies back and unloads, dumping a nice load on his abs. Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Video Shoot – Jason Connor, Ricky Hampton – Cheeky Straight Lad Ricky gets his 1st Fucking – Have we Discovered a New Power Bottom?!

Well Ricky has been on quite a journey, last time we saw him he wanted to give fucking a go and today he said he was up for getting fucked! Now when a straight lad tells you that, you don’t hang around, you get him sat on a cock just as quick as you can! So today he has a play with Jason’s very big uncut cock, sucks its great and before you know it he is on all fours getting his hole fingers with several of Jason’s fingers! Ricky is soon sitting down on Jason’s massive uncut cock and it’s only a couple of minutes before he has rather greedily gobbled up the whole thing! The lads fuck in some great positions and Ricky gets fucked and fucked again and manages to shoot his load while getting it in spoons before lending a hand and jerking off Jason’s big cock until he also cums. Wow, did we just discover a new power bottom?! Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Video Shoot – Sam Hansworth – Bonus Video of Sam’s Photo Shoot – Handsome Straight Lad Show Us His Uncut Cock!

Young lad Sam was a popular guy on FitYoungMen, and was very chilled out about getting naked and getting hard on camera, so he jumped at the chance of doing an EL shoot. He's a lean, athletic looking guy - with a handsome face, and eyes that really pull you in! He does a lot of boxing, has a smooth body and quite a few tattoos, on his back, arm and feet. One of his best assets is in his undies though - as soon as they come off you see how big his uncut cock is - not just long, but really thick. It boings up straight away! He shows us his hole too - fairly smooth like the rest of his body, this lad isn’t shy! When he cums he shoots a nice load over himself, splattering his abs! Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Video Shoot – Paul Jones – Hairy Young Rugby Player Paul Shows Off His Muscles & Long Meaty Uncut Cock!

Paul is a tall hunk of a rugby player with a great physique that is really hairy. His muscles are nicely rounded and he is pretty ripped, has real hairy legs and chest and pretty much everywhere, even with an impressive bush! When Paul drops his boxers you can enjoy his uncut cock, he plays with his foreskin and gets a nice semi, wow this cock grows and wait til you see it full erect. He has an impressive erection, his uncut cock is both long and chunky, one meaty cock! He is not shy about his body so you can enjoy lots of hairy hole before he lies back and dumps many impressive squirts of cum all over his hairy chest and abs! Wow, thank you Paul for showing off your great body. Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Photo Shoot – Cameron Donald, Josh Hesketh – Straight Young Hunks Playing & Josh Sucks Cock for the 1st Time & Shoots Everywhere!

Tall and blond straight hunk Josh is trying something new today and having received in his last shoot such a good massage from Cameron it is his turn to do a little work today! So the lads show off their ripped bodies and do some wrestling and mutual wanking before Josh gets his 1st experience of cock sucking and its him doing the sucking! For a first timer he gives Cameron pretty good head and before he also seems to enjoy getting his 1st head from a guy. The guys show off each other’s asses and then they lie back and wank each other. Cameron wanks Josh, who shoots a massive load, shooting it over his chest, arm and bed, I think this straight lad enjoyed sucking cock for the 1st time! Having unloaded he wanks Cameron who unloads his cum on Josh’s legs! Well done Josh, where do we go now?! Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Photo Shoot – Chris Little, Liam Burlington – Young Straight Footballer Sucks his 1st Cock & Fucks his 1st Man! Lucky Chris!

Liam is a young footballer and after filming today’s shoot its pretty obvious he has a devious streak and he doesn’t mind showing it! After he did such a great job in his last shoot playing with a toy I suggested he went a bit further and today is the result. Who better than to break in a new boy than naughty Chris and these two lads have a real buzz together, I think they really enjoyed themselves! Nothing much left un-tried, Liam surprises us by kissing, then getting his cock sucked, then sucking cock and fucking a lad. There are so many firsts for this straight lad I have lost count. Chris cums first while getting fucked by Liam, who then pulls out and shoots his own load all over Chris! Wow Liam, you are full of surprises! Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Video Shoot – Dan Broughton, Josh Hathaway – Bonus Video of Josh’s Photo Shoot – Tall Straight Lad Fucks His 1st Guy!

It is not every day you see something like this happen; straight pup Josh experiments today, he is sort of getting comfortable letting a lad touch and suck, after all it feel pretty good, though he grabs Dan’s cock and wanks his first lad off before getting so horny and hard he lets Dan sit on his big uncut cock! Dan rides him gently, then Josh holds Dan and fucks him vigorously! Then in doggie Josh starts off all gentle and is soon slapping his balls hard and fast on Dan’s ass. After lots of fucking Dan releases his load shooting on his leg, before helping out Josh dump his nice load. Love straight lads fucking their guy; they just seem to enjoy being in a hole they shouldn’t! Click here to see the shoot