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EnglishLads.com Photo Shoot – Ricky Hampton, Liam Burlington – Straight Lad Ricky Fucked Roughly by Straight Footballer Liam & Both Erupt Loads of Cum!

Liam is back being top today, though paired with straight lad Ricky we are probably in for quite a journey! Its usually Liam who is the cocky one, but he hasn’t met Ricky, who is the master of cockiness and judging by the shoot he is also master of getting fucked! The lads mess about competing to get each others boxers off and before you know it they are wrestling naked and Ricky is on his knee getting a load of Liam’s uncut cock! They manage a great bit of 69’ing before Liam give Ricky a right rough dildoing and slams up his own cock so Ricky hardly has time to know what’s happening. Ricky gets a good rough fuck, looks like he is loving it and when you see his cum shot, might suggest he enjoyed his rough handling, more than a little. Not to be out done Liam lies back and is jerked off by Ricky and shoots his own impressive load of cum! Wow, straight lads doing what they do best! Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Video Shoot – Aaron Janes, Tyler Hirst, Cameron Donald, Wesley Seaton – Four Straight Lads Life Drawing Class – Uncut Cocks are Soon Erect, Sucked & Shooting!

Four straight men and its all started with an art class! Cameron is the life model and Tyler, Aaron and Wesley are busy drawing him! The drawing goes ok until the lads are requiring more “package” so Tyler comes up to Cameron and pops a banana in his boxers! Before you know it Aaron is pulling down Cameron’s boxers and Tyler is filling his mouth giving Cameron a great blow job! Royal Marines special training has taught Tyler a few neat tongue tricks and judging by Cameron’s rock hard erection, Tyler is amazing at giving head! Lots of cock sucking following, Aaron & Wesley learn to wank two cocks at once and enjoy getting head from Tyler and Cameron. Lots of wanking, sucking and hole showing later and Aaron blows first release a huge cum shot, quickly followed by Cameron, Wesley and Tyler. Four straight men enjoy a group wank. Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Photo Shoot – Joey Barton – Young Straight Boxer Joey Shows us his Muscles & Big Uncut Cock that Spurts Big!

Joey is a young man who plays lots of football and also does a lot of training for boxing. Today he show us his muscular body, which would be pretty hairy if he didn’t shave his chest! He shows us a little shadow boxing, is a little nervous at the beginning, but as more clothes come off he becomes more confident. When he drops his boxers, out flops a real big uncut cock, Joey is hung and once he has it in his hand it swells up and suddenly his nerves have vanished! Not only does Joey get hard and wank his big cock, but he gets so turned on he ends up fingering his hairy hole and it seems like that just turns him on some more! He ends up shooting a nice load and then eats his cum! I think we have found a right dirty young straight lad! Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Video Shoot – Chris Little, Josh Hathaway – Naughty Straight Lad Chris Fucks Josh Hard and Cums All Over Him

Over a year ago we planned to get these two together and its taken a long while, seemed like a natural partnership since naughty Chris is always so horny and Josh loves a right good fucking. So here we have it, a bit of teasing and the lads are soon sucking off each other, two nice hard uncut cocks and Chris is soon sliding his very hard erection up Josh’s ass. Josh takes a deep breath and is soon enjoying every inch of Chris. Chris is usually the one getting fucked and today shows how good he is at exercising a lads hole! Josh is first to blow and unloads quite a load of cum. Chris pulls out and explodes, Josh unable to believe how much cum covers him! Great jobs lads. Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Video Shoot – Damian Willaby – Straight Young Muay Thai Boxer Damian Shows off his Big Uncut Cock & Cums Big!

Damian is a fit young athlete who plays lots of sports, more recently muay thai so he one of those bodies with all muscles defined, very strong logs and quads and a smooth and muscular chest with broad shoulders. Seems like the sports have not only sculpted his fine body, but his cock is also big and strong, stands up tall and rock hard, an uncut cock that looks great soft of erect. Damian enjoys showing off his body, his only hairy parts are very hairy legs and a slight fuzz round his hole! He enjoys his wank on camera and after all the working out he lies back and squirts a big load over his chest! Another straight lad happy to come and show us his great body. Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Photo Shoot – Travis Banfield – Ripped & Toned Young Straight Pup Travis Shows off His Uncut Rocket Cock & Hairy Hole!

Travis is back for his second shoot and he is looking even more ripped, if that is possible. His body has nice sized muscles and amazing definition and he loves nothing more than stripping off and showing off his body. When his boxers come down you can enjoy his uncut cock and nice full balls, he is very chilled today and hangs around naked before touching his cock. Now as soon as he touches his cock it rises up and he gets real hard. He has let his body hair grow more than he ever has and its obvious Travis would be a hairy baby bear if he let it grow naturally! When he shows off his hole you can see that nice fuzz that would, if he didn’t trim be all over his body. Travis does a great job showing his hole and butt and when he lies back he squirts his cum straight up in the air like a volcano! Well done Travis. Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Photo Shoot – Jack Windsor, Josh Hesketh – Bad Straight Lad Josh gets Fucked for the 1st Time by Jack’s Massive Uncut Cock!

Josh has jumped in at the deep end today and he does a great job at sitting on his first cock! There is a teasy beginning where the lads strip down, have a cock fight and before you know it they are wanking each other. Jack does a great job at showing off Josh’s hole and fingers it a little before shoving up a dildo. Josh seems to be getting slowly broken in as Jack swaps the small dildo for the medium and then the extra large one! Josh is soon sitting down on a real cock and after a while he is taking every inch of Jack’s very large uncut throbbing erection and he rides it like a pro. Though judging by his face it’s a bit of a tight squeeze! Lots of fucking later and Josh is unloading, Jack pulls out and dumps a pretty massive load. Well done Josh, you look great sat astride Jack’s cock! Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Video Shoot – Logan Hardy, Liam Burlington – Straight Lad Liam Gets Fucked for the First Time by Logan’s Chunky Cock

Logan and Liam have come together in the sunshine, its starts with kissing and then lots more kissing and they are soon undressing each other and there is no sight of soft cock, both lads have erect uncut cocks from the get go! They suck off each other and before you know is Liam is fingering and putting lube up Logan’s hole; he starts to fuck him and gets a mood change! Before you know it Liam is sitting down on Logan’s cock, its proving hard in the first position, but get him in doggie and on his back and straight footballer Liam is taking his first cock like a way more seasoned bottom! After Logan fucking him on his back Liam can’t hold back any more and he unloads a nice load of cum. Wanting to return the favour he wanks off Logan who unloads loads of cum all over the place. Two straight lads in a great fuck scene. Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Photo Shoot – Tyler Pierce – Muscular & Ripped Straight Pup Tyler Shows his Massive Uncut Cock & Squirts Loads of Cum!

Straight young athlete Tyler is back for a play in the sunshine and its warm enough for him to shed quickly those clothes and be standing naked for us to enjoy his fantastically muscled body with great muscle definition. Just when you thought you had seen enough large muscles, his uncut cock flops into view and he is at least 6 inches when soft! A little play and his juicy uncut cock rears up to well over 8 inches and stands proud. Today you can enjoy lots of Tyler’s almost hair free hole as he exposes it to lots of sunshine. After showing off his body so well, he lies back and wanks his big meat and shoots an impressive load on his abs and chest and arm. Well done Tyler. Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Video Shoot – James Welbeck – Straight Ripped Footballer James Wanks his Huge Uncut Cock and Cums on his Chest and Abs!

James is a tall young man with a great physique, he plays a lot of football, loves the gym and works as a roofer, so all that physical activity has resulted in his big muscles and beautiful definition! He enjoys showing off his body, and doesn’t hesitate getting naked and as his boxers come down you can enjoy his other big asset! James has a big cock, not just long but his uncut cock is real thick and he can hardly get his hand round it! Once naked he does a great job at showing off his body and specially for the shoot he has shaven his hole so you can see every detail! Straight men love getting naked on camera and judging by his cum shot, his load flies past his head and splats on the floor way past his head! Wow now that was impressive, another turner on straight guy! Click here to see the shoot