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EnglishLads.com Video Shoot – Cameron Donald, Josh Hesketh – Straight Blond Hunk Josh gets wanked off by a Man for the 1st Time!

Josh is one of these young straight blond lads who you just can’t predict, he comes across as a straight lad a bit short of money, but he won’t be pushed too far! When he arrived he was really nervous and wasn’t sure he wanted to get a massage; we got going and he started tense and got giggles as he is ticklish; as the massage went on he started to relax as his cock was in Cameron’s hand! It started to get hard and Josh came along for the journey! Before long he is on all fours in the perfect doggie position with his hair free hole on view getting a great wank. Lots of more hole showing and wanking later and Cameron is pumping Josh’s cock; Josh cant hold any longer and he squirts and impressive load all over the bed! Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Video Shoot – Riley Howard – Straight Footballer Riley Shows his Hairy Hole Before Pumping it with a Dildo for the 1st Time!

Riley plays a lot of football and has a lean body with very hairy legs. After a solo shoot the other month he decided he would come back and let us watch his adventure with a dildo! He was a little hesitant but his cock was rock hard before the dildo went in and once in, his uncut cock stays rock hard and as he pumps his hole, his uncut cock throbs. So I think Riley hit the right spot and his ass gets a real good work-out. Lots of pumping his hair hole and all the pleasure is just too much as he cums over his hairy abs! Wow there is another straight lad enjoying the pleasures of a little anal play! Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Photo Shoot – Sam Hansworth, Logan Hardy – Young Straight Stud Logan is Fucked by Straight Lad Sam – Both Stepping up Their Game Today!

Well here is an interesting journey; Logan did a solo shoot and played a little with his hole and when I teased him about should we fill it he didn’t say no! So this young straight man went from teasing his hole to getting it filled and who better than also to try something new than straight boy Sam who fucks his first guy today. They both do an exceptional job, rock hard uncut cocks all the way through and Logan managed to cope with Sam’s not only long uncut cock, but its pretty dam thick and Logan rode it like an old hand! He shot quite a lot of cum, so I think it is another of those shoots where the big lads cock rubbed the straight lads pleasure spot! Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Photo Shoot – Josh Hathaway, Ricky Hampton – Straight Lad Ricky Fucks his 1st Man & Lucky Straight Lad Josh Takes Ricky’s Big Uncut Cock!

We haven’t seen straight lad Josh for a few months and I though who better than to fuck him than newer lad Ricky who fucks his first guy! What a great job he does, he is always up for a good time and he strips and sucks Josh before bending him over and shoving a dildo up Josh. He does a great job at breaking in Josh again, though before long Josh is getting Ricky’s long and thick uncut cock in doggie and judging by how hard Josh stays, I think Ricky’s cock is reaching the right spot! The lads do some great fucking and there are some fantastic shots of Josh’s erection bouncing up and down as he rides Ricky. After lots of fucking Josh unloads all over his leg and before long Ricky explodes, shooting cum over his head! Wow I think they both enjoyed this! Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Video Shoot – Tyler Hirst, Jack Windsor – Straight Former Marine Tyler is the 1st Man to Fuck Straight Lad Jack’s ass!

These two lads have got to know each other quite well over the last two years as we have done quite a few events during that time this seemed like a natural pairing once Jack gave up his hole! There is lots of teasing and starting with a wrestling theme was a great way to get the lads all pumped up and real competitive. Jack took it real serious and tried to take the lead and having removed straight Royal Marines Tyler’s boxers first, he was quite pleased with himself! Lots of nudity and touching and wanking and sucking, though it’s not long before straight lad Jack is not looking so dominant and is sitting on Tyler very hard uncut erection. Jack is soon riding up and down Tyler’s cock and his own large uncut erection is also looking pretty stiff! Jack takes his first fucking like a trooper and does a great job riding up and down Tyler’s erection; Jack cums first, while getting it in spoons and Tyler pulls out, wank a few times and shoots his own load. Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Photo Shoot – Wesley Seaton – Meet Wes & His Big Muscles, Perfectly Defined & A Rock Hard Uncut Cock! Prime British Beef!

Wesley is a young man who has one of those young faces, but check out his body and you’d think he is mid 20’s! For a lad who has just turned 20 he is a fantastic example of how you can look with the right genes and having played lots of sports for over 10 years. This rugby hunk has lovely round muscles and naked you can enjoy his equally lovely uncut cock, which does getting hard really easy! Wes is just as relaxed naked as in his clothes and no wonder when you have such a body. Once his uncut cock is in his hand he struggles to leave it alone, managing for a short while to stop wanking and show off his slightly hairy hole. After lots of wanking Wes lies back and shoots on his abs. Wow another great example of prime British beef! Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Video Shoot – Charlie Jackson – Bonus Video of Photo Shoot – Young Straight Pup Charlie & Big Uncut Cock & Winking Hole!

Welcome into the new year, Charlie is back to perform for us today, showing off his lean and toned body and check out that hole! In his first shoot he didn’t want to part his legs, today, they shine wide and this young straight pup teases us with his pulsating bud! Charlie is one of these lads who knows how to enjoy showing off his body and uses it to tease, he is amazingly flirtatious, knows he is straight, but can’t resist trying to get a reaction! He is one of these lads who seems to look great in jeans; the bulge just catches your eye and once the jeans and boxers are off you can see why, he has one of those over sized uncut cocks that three hands are needed on. After lots of teasy wanking and hole showing, Charlie sits back and pumps his rock hard rocket and dumps a nice load of cum. Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Video Shoot – Ricky Hampton, Sam Hansworth – Two Straight Lads Sam & Ricky, Both Wank & Suck Each Other’s Cocks!

Ricky and Sam have both done a solo and had their cocks sucked; so today they test their cock sucking talents on each other and it looks like they are both pretty good at it! Before they suck each other they have a lot of fun stripping each other and wanking each others’ cocks, both are pretty hung, thick and long so when they suck each other they have a tough time to get their mouths round each others fat meaty uncut cock! After tossing each other off Sam is first to blow and does he blow! He squirts loads of cum high over himself and the bed! After his impressive cum shot he wanks off Ricky who also does a great job at squirting a big load! I think both of them didn’t mind the other mouth and wanking! Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Video Shoot – Dalton Morland – Muscular Straight Lad Dalton Shows off his Uncut Cock & Fingers his hole!

A tall and broad shouldered lad with big muscles, look back 8 years and Dalton was a slim bodied lad with 76kg body. Today he shows us his 102kg body and as his clothes come off you can see not only are his muscles big, but he is very toned, with great abs and muscle definition. When he drops his boxers you can see his uncut cock doesn’t seem to have been left out of the training, since he is nicely hung, big when soft and gets very hard when erect. He loves showing off his bum and he does a great job in plenty of positions. After lots of bum showing and wanking he lies back and dumps a nice big load on his abs and chest. Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Photo Shoot – Liam Burlington – Straight Young Footballer Liam Wanks his Big Uncut Cock & Plays with his 1st Dildo!

Liam is a footballer with strong legs and at nearly 6’4 he stands tall with a toned and lean body. He is not long 18 and is full of confidence and plays on the same team as Niall who modelled for us a few months ago. Liam decided to give it a go and what a confident young man he is; the less he has on the cheekier he becomes and he really enjoys showing off his body. Once naked you can enjoy his full bush and lovely long uncut cock, which when erect is a pretty impressive 7 inch weapon! Once he has played with his cock for a bit he plays with a dildo and looking at how nice and hard his cock gets he is enjoying it quite a bit! After he has energetically pumped the dildo in and out of his hole he dumps a nice load of cum on his abs! Wow for a first timer playing with his bum all in his first shoot that was a great unloading! Click here to see the shoot