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EnglishLads.com Photo Shoot – Jenson Shaw – Toned Young Boxer, Jenson Shows off his Big Uncut Cock & Shoots Loads of Cum!

Jenson is a young man with a toned physique largely from all the sports and boxing training since he is quite the demon in the ring and as we can see he is quite as flash on set, especially when stood naked with his monster uncut erection stood proud. His uncut penis comes out of his boxers and its immediately rock hard, Jenson is easy to arouse and his erection stands up high and tall with a beautiful 8 inches of meat, pulsing to the beat of his heart. Jenson enjoys showing off his body, its hair free, except his legs and a little fuzz round that hole! Lots of bum, lots of cock and it all ends with an impressive cum shot, Jenson explodes cum and jizzes it all over himself! Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Video Shoot – Jordan Henderson – Tall & Straight Blond Lad Jordan Shows his Muscles & Ultra Hard Uncut Cock!

Jordan is one of these young men who is laid back and a little shy and this is now the fourth time I have met him. The first time his Mum came along to the meeting and so we have been on quite a journey. By now he has sort of got used to my compliments about parts of his body and he now only goes slightly red when I say what a nice uncut cock! In the year I have known him he has grown 2 inches so he is now 6’6 and kept in proportion so both long legs and long body and a nice uncut long cock! Now used to showing off his body he treats us to lots of hole shots and it’s looking like its ready to be used! After all this teasing and showing off his body he lies back and shoots a nice load on his abs; well done Jordan. Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Video Shoot – Jonas Webber – Hairy Straight Boxer Jonas Wanks his Big Uncut Cock and Shoots Loads of Cum!

Jonas is a young man who plays a lot of football and MMA and he one of those lean and toned body that has a nice cover of fuzz! This is one hairy lad and he seems slightly shy when in his clothes, though get him naked and all hints of shyness disappear and he loves playing with his uncut cock which when erect is well over 7 inches. His uncut cock looks great when erect and it stands up high and points to the sky, Jonas loves wanking his cock and he does a great job at showing off all of his body and his very hairy hole! A bit of wanking later and he is cumming a nice load, well done Jonas you look great with all that cum in your hair! Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Photo Shoot – Jamie McGrath – Young Straight Boxer Jamie Shows us his Firm Hairy Body & Big Chunky Uncut Cock!

Jamie is a young straight man, builder by day, boxer by night and all that activity has created a fine athletic body with a sprinkling of hair in all the right places. As he drops his jeans there is a nice shapely bulge in his boxers and what a great uncut cock, Jamie hangs long when soft and when his cock grows he has a fine erection, one of those cocks of steel that stands up high and hard and pretty chunky! Quite a handful Jamie shows off his cock real well and doesn’t disappoint when he shows his hole, it slightly hairy and not so much as a girlfriends finger having been up it! After a nice wanking session he lies back and shoots some impressive squirts, one landing on his neck. Well done Jamie and impressive photo shoot and happy ending to die for. Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Photo Shoot – Jack Windsor, Damian Willaby – Straight Lad Damian gets his 1st Man Handling & Shows his Hairy Hole Superbly!

Damian is one straight stud who resisted this happening for some time then on a hot day in the summer he agreed to get a massage. What a great massage he ends up getting and for those of you who love straight lads with hairy legs then you see loads of Damiam’s from behind as Jack massages him in doggie and on his back with his legs in the air. Some great shots of a straight man being abused by Jack’s nimble and talented fingers! Jack gets naked and is nice and hard, Damian is naked and sort of enjoying have his uncut erect cock wanked by a guy for the first time and after lots of teasy wanking and ass showing, Damian lies back and cums; seconds later Jack blasts out a real big load, Damian watching Jack shoot! Wow, thank you Damian for a great shoot. Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Video Shoot – Andy Mason – Young Straight Footballer Andy Shows us his Big Chunky Uncut Cock!

New lad Andy plays lots of football and works hard at the gym and the result is a rock hard body with great definition. He is brimming with confidence and likes showing his abs, though when his boxers come down he seems to be way more comfortable modelling when naked! I guess Andy is another of these lads who once naked and cock in hand he really relaxes! He has a nice uncut cock, though we don’t see it soft for many photographs since as soon as he touches his cock it gets hard, hardly seeing it semi, his uncut cock goes from soft through semi in a flash! Andy does a great job at showing off his body, he is smooth apart from hairy legs and a semi hairy hole and after wanking and showing off his body he lies back and shoots cum everywhere; five big gushes fly through the air, a massive cum shot leaves Andy covered in jizz! Thank you Andy, another straight lad performing perfectly! Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Photo Shoot – Ryan Ledson – Young Footballer Ryan Shows us his Big Uncut Cock & Fires Masses of Cum!

Ryan is a young straight man who plays a lot of football; has those typical footballer legs, muscular and long and a nicely defined body with rock hard abs. As his boxers come down, he has that other footballer asset, one great big uncut cock! Must look great in his footie shorts as its big when soft, but when erect his uncut cock is over 7 inches. He is one of these young lads whose cock goes from soft to rock solid in a matter of seconds and once he is hard he loves playing and teasing himself. Ryan isn’t shy about showing off his body and you can see his almost hair free hole in loads of positions. I get a feeling Ryan loves showing off on camera, just judge for yourself after seeing his cum shot, this is one big mess, I lost count how many powerful gushes of cum fire out this young studs cocks! Wow thank you Ryan that is you certainly covered in cum! Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Video Shoot – Tomas Farago, Roland Lantos – Tomas and Hot Friend Roland Suck Each Other and Cum all over their Abs

Tom came round with a good friend and these two lads strip each other and play with each others uncut cocks. When you have some scale next to Tom you realise just how big he is, both his body and his cock and yet Roland is not exactly small with a good and very hard uncut erection of 7 inches. After some wanking the lads suck each other’s cocks; Roland has the hardest job as Tom has such a thick and long uncut erection, but he does a good job getting nearly two thirds in! Bit more playing and the lads lie back and shoot their loads. Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Video Shoot – Anthony Forde – Muscular Young Footballer Shows us his Hefty & Ultra Long Uncut Cock!

Anthony plays quite a bit of football and I asked him after the game, when the lads are all in the shower who has the biggest cock! He says there is always lots of banter, but admits he and one other lad have the largest cocks! Well Anthony has a 6 incher when soft so once he pumps his uncut cock his erection is some 9 inches and real thick. He also admits he takes off his clothes without much encouragement and he shows us today how much he enjoys playing and wanking his uncut cock and he is happy to let us see his hairy hole in some great displays from lots of angles. After all this teasing Anthony lies back and shoots one massive load and then many more loads, I don’t think I have seen so many squirts come from one man! Well done Anthony, we hope you always cum like that! Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Photo Shoot – Greg Hill – Ultra Fit Straight Hunk Shows his Smooth Body & Rock Hard Cut Cock!

Greg was born and schooled in South Africa and played loads of sports and live the outdoor life to the full. Today you can enjoy the results of his outdoor life, since this tall blond young man has one near perfectly defined body with great size muscles. He seems slightly shy when clothed, but get him naked and you realise he loves showing off his body. Greg still has a nice tone to his skin though he admits for him he is really pale, welcome to England! This young man does a great job at showing off his smooth body and very hairy legs and when he shows you his hole you can enjoy some more blond fuzz! After doing a great job relaxing into his wank he lies back and unloads his cum on his abs. Thank you Greg, what a pleasure you are on the eye! Click here to see the shoot