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EnglishLads.com Video Shoot – Sam Hansworth, Logan Hardy – Young Straight Hunk Logan is Fucked for First Time by Straight Lad Sam!

Well here is an interesting journey; Logan did a solo shoot and played a little with his hole and when I teased him about should we fill it he didn’t say no! So this young straight man went from teasing his hole to getting it filled and who better than also to try something new than straight boy Sam who fucks his first guy today. They both do an exceptional job, rock hard uncut cocks all the way through and Logan managed to cope with Sam’s not only long uncut cock, but its pretty dam thick and Logan rode it like an old hand! He shot quite a lot of cum, so I think it is another of those shoots where the big lads cock rubbed the straight lads pleasure spot! Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Photo Shoot – Paul Jones – Hairy Young Rugby Player Paul Shows Off His Muscles & Lovely Long & Meaty Uncut Cock!

Paul is a tall hunk of a rugby player with a great physique that is really hairy. His muscles are nicely rounded and he is pretty ripped, has real hairy legs and chest and pretty much everywhere, even with an impressive bush! When Paul drops his boxers you can enjoy his uncut cock, he plays with his foreskin and gets a nice semi, wow this cock grows and wait til you see it full erect. He has an impressive erection, his uncut cock is both long and chunky, one meaty cock! He is not shy about his body so you can enjoy lots of hairy hole before he lies back and dumps many impressive squirts of cum all over his hairy chest and abs! Wow, thank you Paul for showing off your great body. Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Photo Shoot – Hunter Hay – Tall & Lean Young Electrician Hunter Shows off His Big Uncut Cock & Hairy Hole!

Hunter is a young electrician who looks great dressed in his work gear and just wait to see what he looks like out of his gear! He has a lean and toned smooth body and when being very laid back he seems to be just as comfortable out of his clothes as in them. Hunter plays about as he strips staying in his work-belt and finding it is quite a useful prop for some cock games! He has a bih uncut cock and when fully erect he is about 8 inches long and he gets rock hard. He plays with his cock, shows his slightly hairy hole real well and after all the teasing lies back and dumps a big load of cum that flies through the air all over his body and the sofa! Another straight guy happy to show us fine body and big cock! Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Video Shoot – Josh Hathaway, Ricky Hampton – Straight Lad Ricky Fucks his 1st Man & Straight Lad Josh Takes It!

We haven’t seen straight lad Josh for a few months and I though who better than to fuck him than newer lad Ricky who fucks his first guy! What a great job he does, he is always up for a good time and he strips and sucks Josh before bending him over and shoving a dildo up Josh. He does a great job at breaking in Josh again, though before long Josh is getting Ricky’s long and thick uncut cock in doggie and judging by how hard Josh stays, I think Ricky’s cock is reaching the right spot! The lads do some great fucking and there are some fantastic shots of Josh’s erection bouncing up and down as he rides Ricky. After lots of fucking Josh unloads all over his leg and before long Ricky explodes, shooting cum over his head! Wow I think they both enjoyed this! Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Photo Shoot – Aaron Janes, Cameron Donald – Straight Young Pup Aaron Gets his First Man Blow Job & Explodes Shooting Cum Every Where!

Aaron was a little unsure letting a lad touch his cock, but today he is a lot more relaxed about being wanked off and letting a lad suck his cock for the first time, just watch what happens! He is clearly getting enormous pleasure from a blow job and Cameron does a great job at keeping Aaron in some heights of pleasure! After so much fun Cameron helps Aaron show off his slightly hairy hole and it gets some great exposure. Cameron sucks some more on Aaron, who just pulls faces of pleasure and its not long before he is wanked off to an amazing cum shot, Aaron shooting it all over his chest, neck and arms! Wow that was quite an explosion, not a bad effort for his 1 man blow job! Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Video Shoot – Wesley Seaton – Big Muscled Wes & His Rock Hard Uncut Cock! Prime British Beef!

Wesley is a young man who has one of those young faces, but check out his body and you’d think he is mid 20’s! For a lad who has just turned 20 he is a fantastic example of how you can look with the right genes and having played lots of sports for over 10 years. This rugby hunk has lovely round muscles and naked you can enjoy his equally lovely uncut cock, which does getting hard really easy! Wes is just as relaxed naked as in his clothes and no wonder when you have such a body. Once his uncut cock is in his hand he struggles to leave it alone, managing for a short while to stop wanking and show off his slightly hairy hole. After lots of wanking Wes lies back and shoots on his abs. Wow another great example of prime British beef! Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Video Shoot – Dan Broughton, Jaden Hicks – Bonus Video of Photo Shoot – Straight Young Pop Star Jaden’s 1st Wank by a Man!

Tall, lean and defined straight young man Jaden agrees to let a lad massage his body and today he lies back and enjoys a relaxing massage from Dan. As Dan brushes Jaden’s cock and then gives that muscle and massage Jaden starts to grow and before you know his uncut cock is a throbbing erection. Once relaxed he just lies back and enjoys not doing much; his cock is rock hard, getting wanked and he even allows Dan to pulls his cheeks apart and expose his hairy hole! Jaden is relaxed enough now to just lie back and enjoy being man-handled and he tenses his legs wanks some more and shoots a nice load courtesy of Dan’s handy wanking! Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Video Shoot – Liam Burlington – Straight Young Footballer Stimulates his G-Spot with a Dildo & Cums Twice!

Liam is a footballer with strong legs and at nearly 6’4 he stands tall with a toned and lean body. He is not long 18 and is full of confidence and plays on the same team as Niall who modelled for us a few months ago. Liam decided to give it a go and what a confident young man he is; the less he has on the cheekier he becomes and he really enjoys showing off his body. Once naked you can enjoy his full bush and lovely long uncut cock, which when erect is a pretty impressive 7 inch weapon! Once he has played with his cock for a bit he plays with a dildo and looking at how nice and hard his cock gets he is enjoying it quite a bit! After he has energetically pumped the dildo in and out of his hole he dumps a nice load of cum on his abs! Wow for a first timer playing with his bum all in his first shoot that was a great unloading! Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Photo Shoot – Lewis Compton – Young Straight Former Army Lance Corporal Shows off his Uncut Erection & Hairy Hole!

Lewis is a young man recently out of the army and with a little time on his hands he thought he would come and show off his body. A keen footballer, he looks great in his kit and didn’t take much encouragement before he was grabbing his cock, plenty forming a bulge! As he strips down you can enjoy his naturally hairy body, no trimming with this lad and he is just as happy naked as clothed letting us enjoy his nice and long uncut floppy one! Though it’s not soft for long, the second Lewis touches his cock it gets hard, real hard; he is another straight lad with one of these rocket cocks. He gets really hard and his solid uncut erection doesn’t go down even when he shows his hole, which is quite hairy and he shows it off loads and then some more! After all the foreplay Lewis lies back and shoots and does he shoot, at least six big gushes fly out, one hitting him on the chin and neck! Great job Lewis, bum worshippers should love this set! Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Photo Shoot – Cameron Donald, Marc Bozzi – Straight Young Athlete Marc enjoys his 1st Wank by a Man & Cameron Handles him Perfectly!

Marc is a young man who likes showing off his body and today he lets Cameron be the first lad to touch that finely tuned physique and grab a handful of his uncut cock! The shoot starts off quite teasy, Marc lies back and enjoys being massaged, he is unsure a guy should be touching his uncut cock, but after some reassuring touches he relaxes, his cock grows and once erect he really relaxes. Cameron gives Marc a right good tough massage and gives Marc a really good wanking and judging at how erect Marc is he is looking to be really enjoying himself! Lots of bum showing and Marc becomes less shy about showing off that slightly hairy hole! Cameron keeps wanking Marc and before long he is unloading over his abs. Well done Marc, you didn’t do a thing this shoot, but performed perfectly! Click here to see the shoot